Wednesday, May 16, 2012

And then there were two...

This is probably the best (and only) successful secret/surprise that I have done for Jared. And it was soooo hard to keep my mouth shut and not just spill the beans. About a week into our trip to Hawaii I found a perfect match for a second puppy, and it just all worked out perfectly like it was meant to be.

The afternoon after our red eye back to the mainland, Jared laid down with Adi for a nap and I hightailed it to Utah County for some 'errands'. Instead two hours later I came back with this little bundle of joy.

And surprised Jared with her. He was more than tickeled, even though he was probably the only one initially. Adi was not quite as excited about our new little Aspen. But she's warmed up since then.

Some people may think we're crazy, even slightly irresponsible for getting a second puppy when we live in an apartment and we still have yet to have children. But if you always listen to the critics you'll never aspire to do what you dream. And we dream of having dogs (not a dog) all of our lives. We are completely and totally dog lovers and always will be.

Plus who could say no to that face?! She is soft like cashmere, green eyed, and has the cutest little tail. We love this munchkin.


Alex said...

People thought we were crazy when we got Zoey after having just got dax! Everyone thought we were become crazy dog people. Congrats on your addition!

His Little Lady said...!!! cutest thing ever!!
xo TJ

Jamie said...

Not to mention gorgeous! Haha. We have two and it IS crazy but totally fun! How adorable!