Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Do excuse

my lack of busyness over here. You see I was preoccupied loving on my puppies and spending time with the hubs. But that's a pretty darn good reason right? This memorial weekend we had a lovely trip down to Las Vegas, but first we stopped off at St. Georgous for my very first 5K.

Little miss Aspen snoozing on the drive down

Right before my 5K 

crossing the finish line. I maintained a nine minute pace which was all that I wanted.

Adi and Aspen getting morning lovings

We stayed with our friends Ryan and Alex who have two dogs of their own and wore out our two. Isn't Aspen just adorable dead tired almost in her water bowl?

Of course the only picture I took that wasn't of the dogs was of gum but you can't go on a five hour road trip without some good old fashioned bubbleicious bubble gum.

But good news, I am down a whole 2 lbs. since we got back from Hawaii two weeks ago, and I am continuing to train for the Wasatch Back Ragnar and get back to my marriage weight all at the same time. Summer just keeps rolling on, far to quickly for my taste. What are some of your summer plans that you still want to happen?

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Katie A. said...

Have a baby and have you guys come up to see my baby.