Friday, May 11, 2012

Summer lovin' pallette

It's obvious, this summer-if not year's-trend colors are the salmon-y orange and mint green. And it's become evident in just about anything. But I particularly L.O.V.E the mint green. It's just so refreshing!

And since Honolulu just become home to two new TJMaxx's, mom and I decided we should just case out the joint...inconspicuously of course. Well, we didn't succeed since we trekked out quite a couple bags to the parking lot later. Mom and me made quite the dent in our wallets, and it was worth it.

But you all would be proud of me. The only clothing item I bought was this fabulous mint green shirt for a steal which I wore to the mall today and browsed my dream store

Forgive the iPhone quality please

...along with a bunch of workout clothes. I don't know what it is that's so refreshing about buying sports bra's and runner's shorts, but I love it. And I've been putting them to good use here in HI. Three days left until I see if my training at sea level has been in vain. Until then aloha!

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Katie A. said...

I bought some mint finger nail polish a couple of weeks ago! I love it!