Friday, May 04, 2012

Hawaiian Street Names

can confuse you. Not because it's particularly hard to figure out the arrangement of the streets - they're pretty straight, although we lived and died by our GPS. It's more that you have trouble distinguishing the names. Mainly because they're a mouthful for the most part, and they all look the same! Lots of k's, l's, h's and vowels. I took found some examples of

Ka·li·hi Pa·la·ma

I definitely think the hardest ones are those with the most vowels in a row. You have to sound it out a couple times in a row to even slightly get it, and even then it can be really hard. Either way, we are definitely starting to feel more like we fit in now that we can actually say the majority of street names. Maybe we should stay permanently? Actually I think Jared would go nuts.

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