Tuesday, May 08, 2012

iPhone Case Review

I was originally leaning towards a case I posted about quite a while ago that CupofJo had endorsed as cute and stylish covers for her iPhone. But after reading this review I double thought that. Instead I decided to try the uncommon cases that I was finding raving reviews for.

Stability/flimsibility: extreme stability, absolutely no way this case is going to bend. Very sturdy.

Edges: curved corners, and fits flatly to the screen without any gaps.

Button spacing: the case fits correctly with all the plug-in's and buttons, however it is rather bulky and if I had big man fingers I don't know how I'd get to the buttons. Thank goodness for little womanly hands.

Image on the case: a concern I had when ordering this case was that others had given it reviews regarding the clarity and color of the image as faded and not bright. However, my case was vibrant just like the pictures and I had no issues with the coloring of the case.

Quality of the case as a whole: worth the mulla. And a huge pro is that there are actually foam inserts on the inside of the case that allow it to fit extraordinarily snug to the phone. I would definitely buy another based on the quality. The only downside was that I wanted a bright/light case to fit with the zen of my white iphone. Because the product only had pictures of the back of the case and not the front, I was unaware that the front was black with extra black accents around the case.

Uncommon Hello Birds by Valentina Ramos in 4S capsule - $40
***Since writing this review I actually full on dropped my phone-I'm talking it flying out of my hand six feet to smash into the ground-and was still perfectly fine. I'm a believer in this case because my phone hit that tile floor HARD.***

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Emily said...

Love that case! I'm on the prowl myself for a case, where did you get that one?!