Thursday, January 03, 2013

Say What?: Poo dust

It's a true nasty little fact that every time you flush the toilet dust, poo particles, and multitudes of germs are released into the air. After watching ten quick minutes about this subject in a documentary, I immediately started searching for covered bathroom containers instead of the previous open ones we had. I got one for the q-tips, cotton balls, and another for my hair ties because poo dusted hair ties just isn't an outfit make.

And the main event was throwing away our toothbrushes and then I was on the lookout for a covered toothbrush holder. Why you ask? Well in this Mythbusters episode they had an experiment with 24 toothbrushes, keeping only a few outside the bathroom and the rest inside by the toilet. The results were that EVERY single toothbrush had poop particles on them, but the ones in the bathroom left on the counter were more thoroughly contaminated. To put this in perspective for any of your doubters, the average toothbrush can hold up to 10 million germs and up to trillions! That. Is. Gross. Since we had been leaving our toothbrushes just on the bathroom counter across from the toilet for quite a couple months I had a slight panic attack. Kind of like when you see a spider unexpectedly and just scream out of habit. But more like a Gladiator warrior scream. You get the picture.

The good news is that I found one after weeks of searching. I finally went into Bed Bath and Beyond (magical store right there) and found this glorious invention after some help from a clerk. After over a week of using it I can say that I rest easier when I brush my teeth now (you can't put a price on peace of mind), and I don't find stray hairs in my toothbrush anymore. Totally worth it, and it helps keep your toothbrushes more sanitary so total plus! I promise I'm not a total OCD/cleanfreak/germaphobe kind of person. But the only thing that I would love more is if they made a sanitizing toothbrush holder that is great quality, works, and isn't a fortune...but I digress.

Oxo covered toothbrush holder $19.99

Should this be on your New Year's Resolutions list? I'd hope so. Or you could just go around everyday after brushing your teeth with a poo dusted toothbrush. Nasty thought huh? Morning breath ain't got nothin' on that.


Katie A. said...

Poo particles? Sorry I just giggled. Not because it is disgusting because it is.....but the fact that it is about poop. Haha! Good thing I have a place for our toothbrushes inside a drawer.

Sondai Seward said...

That's the reason both my husband and I put the lid on the toilet before flushing. It helps. :)Also there is no frustration for me to feel as though I'm falling into the toilet when I sit down because the lid isn't up.

Mr.s W said...

yeah pretty nasty! When we got married I made Morgan flush with the lid down, which is supposed to help and we keep our toothbrushes in the drawer.