Saturday, January 26, 2013

Aspen became an adult today

I dropped her off bright and early at Orem Spay and Neuter Clinic to have her fixed. Hope she doesn't hate me when I pick her up. I honestly felt so guilty leaving her, she looked so scared. And she's my little baby, even though she was 'Jared's' she's really become mine.

Loving on her rawhide bone...she's possessive of that like I am of food and that's saying something

We were a little late to the game getting her fixed. I waited and waited after she turned six months old to make the appointment because I was hoping that could wait until she was a year. But after sitting a friends male dog who kept (innocently) humping Aspen even though he was smaller, I decided it was time.

'Good morning mom...WHAT do you want?'

So here's to caring for a loopy puppy, and here's to Adi probably harassing Aspen when she's not going to be too groggy or in pain to move. And here's to her having accidents the next couple of days...oh joy!

Such a curious little buddy

p.s. any tips or tricks to helping them relax and recover?

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