Monday, January 28, 2013

Pinterest Pin Test: DIY better than shellac nails

For any girl with chronically chipping nails you know yourself how exacerbating it is to have them chip the same day you paint them. And I've also been amongst those who drop $20 plus to have fake nails put on monthly so I didn't have to worry about re-painting my nails on a daily basis. When Shellac nails became popular I got rather excited to only be disappointed. Not even they could last more than five days and they still cost $20 plus per set.

Well wait no more, because I tested this pin out for the past week and my own DIY home gel nail set are still going strong. I found this idea here, and was even more happy that I wouldn't have to buy a stupid UV lamp, plus splurging lots of money of special nail polish's for a shellac set and not mentioning the top and bottom coats: only one $5.99 product was needed because I could use it with my own favorite polish color.

Necessary Items:
favorite nail polish
Gelous Advance Nail Gel Coat (available at Sally's)
Quick Drying Top Coat

1. Layer of Gel 
2. Layer of color
3. Second layer of color
4. Layer of Gel
5. Layer of quick dry top coat
6. Let dry and enjoy!

You can bet I'll be doing this from now on! No more wasting money at Nail Salons for something I can do myself.


Mr.s W said...

yay! I'm so excited to try this, I never paint my nails because they chip so quick and I'm so cheap I hate dropping that money on gel nails. So this is an awesome find, thanks.

Love and Such said...

I bought that gel coat almost a year ago and tried this same thing and hated it.. it always chipped still! And any nail polish with glitter was HORRIBLE to get off.

I bought the gel nail kit and love it- OPI nails at home!