Monday, January 07, 2013

Pinterest Pin Test: moldy showers

As part of my blogging NYR's I wanted to do something that was applicable, and informative. If you're on Pinterest you know that there are tons of how-to's for easier cleaning or DIY's. You may be pinning interesting things, but I want to know that they actually work. So this will be a testing and revising process for those nifty little tips to see if they actually work so you don't waste your time with them if they don't.

The Pinterest Pin test that I selected for this week was something that I was really really hoping would work. It was pretty simple concept for removing the black mold/stain that occurs in the caulking of the tub. Ours was kind of bad when we moved in, and after a year of living here it got to be horrendous! It drove my OCD side nuts looking at it every time I got in the shower, and made me deathly embarrassed if anybody saw it. I was determined to give this one a fighting chance but I was honestly doubtful the whole time. My pin led my to this blog, where it explained pretty basically how to do this project.

All you need for this is bleach, and Beauty Coil from any Sally's or Ulta type store and I would also suggest a disposable bowl to soak the Beauty Coil in which is essentially a 10 ft. cotton ball. Also get the smallest package of Beauty Coil you can find, mine was a 10 ft. box and I barely used up three feet but also it depends on how extensive the stained area of your tub covers. You can always keep the remaining for the next time you need to do it.

Fill your bowl with bleach
Measure out the Beauty Coil piece that will cover your black caulked area
Soak the Beauty Coil in the bleach and gently put it on the area, completely covering it
Leave for 45-60 minutes depending on how bad your mold stains are

The 'set up'. Be aware it made the bathroom potent so I left the fan on the entire time.

My before picture

And my after picture

Amazing improvement right?! I was kind of suspicious that it was that easy, but definitely the best cleaning trick I've found in a long time. 

Result: It works folks!

Do you think you'll try it? It's so easy I absolutely suggest you do!


Katie A. said...

Wow! That is awesome!

Mr.s W said...

awesome! I'm so glad that it worked, I've seen that pin before and kept it in case we move into a place that has that problem. Glad you tested it out for me!