Friday, January 04, 2013

NYR or not?

I have always believed in setting NYR's. It's a great fresh start to life. Everyone gets a second chance to change big things in their lives that they want to change. It's the perfect time for a fresh perspective or reflection on yourself and the person you were the year before.  Granted I sometimes loose my way, or forget, or decide I no longer want to do something I goaled for myself. Life gets in the way.

This past Sunday I listened to a huge talk about how this individual doesn't think people should make NYR's because everyday of the year should be an opportunity and that self reflection should be something that happens as needed. I agree with both of these concepts, but why pass up a great opportunity to do it anyways? It's like spring cleaning of the self-development world. Monthly cleaning and daily tasks are required to keep a clean house just like making yourself into a better individual by initiating change throughout the year. But why skip over the deep cleaning or the opportunity to make serious changes when we're encouraged to do so?

Jared and I loosely set some family goals that we both wanted to accomplish I posted about here, but I also wanted to do some serious analyzing about what I personally could do to become a better person. I didn't want to set fluff goals that I didn't really care about and would then fail at, and I didn't want to overwhelm myself either so I limited myself to three large goals.

          1. Financial Goal: pay off both credit cards
                1a. By: operating on cash basis for rent/car payment/utilities/groceries
                1b. By: taking $50 out of each paycheck and put on CC
                1c. By: cut up credit cards and use only in case of an emergency

          2. Physical Goal: train for 1/2 marathon(s) and run @ 9 min. mile pace at least
                2a. By: running 30+ miles each week and increase up to 50+ miles each week by June
                2b. By: get a garmin GPS watch with a pace setter

          3. Spiritual Goal: go to the Temple monthly
                3a. By: go the first Saturday of every month no matter how tired I am from work
                3b. By: set a reminder in my phone

Every month throughout the year I have set Gmail calendar to send me an email reminding me about my goals, I also entered it into my phone to alert me with a monthly reminder, and lastly written them in my daily planner. My goals are rather large, so as you can tell I set smaller goals or how-to's to successfully accomplish each individual goal.

Are you for or against NYR's?
Did you set any NYR's that you think might really stretch your future capabilities/current boundaries?

Tory Burch dress from Nordies

p.s. I also have a blogging NYR. Wanna hear it? A new post series and more outfit posts. I mean come on I work in the Fashion industry for goodness sake!


Jamie said...

I never make NYRs. A few years ago I simply vowed to be better. So that's what I try to do! I like the three areas of resolutions you've got - good idea to have family goals too!!

Katie A. said...

I always make them and never do them. So it's probably better to just not make them. Or make them throughout the year or make more realistic ones. Oh and you look very pretty!

Kelsey Cole said...

cute dress! I LOVE Tory Burch. Questions: do you ever get the Tory Burch Amanda hobo bags in at Nordstom Rack? That is my next purse purchase, but I'd love to find it at a better price. Also the reva flats.