Sunday, April 11, 2010

Becoming a man's wo-man

So one day when we were driving home from Provo Jared said, "I want to go to the man's expo". I was like ok, he needs a guys night out anyways and I can get some more wedding planning done. I bought him tickets, and surprised him with them the day after easter. Then to my surprise he asked me if I'd go with him. I told him I thought he'd prefer to go with one of his guy friends. Instead he said he wanted to go with his best friend! ME! So this past friday I went, where no sane woman would want to go. 

We started at TGIF,

and then went to the Man's Expo,

where I made myself a little more manly by standing next to monster trucks,

 took pictures of my sweetheart next to one of his many dream cars,

(yes, that's a Lamborghini)

and made a night of it! I love my sweetheart and would do anything he wanted including hiking (which we did this saturday), fishing (which we need to do soon), and hunting (we'll see). I love spending time with Jer even if its walking around south towne exposition center looking at motorcycles or big cars. I love my man! Rest assured, I will have him go with me to the next woman's expo, have him carry my purse, and even help me buy makeup...maybe. I don't know, I love him to much to subject him to that, but I know he's loves me enough to do anything for me. So maybe!


Emily said...

I'm so proud of you for going! That first picture of you two is adorable by the way :)

Sarah said...

I'm amazed you went to that, Melissa! Awesome, though! Y'all are adorable. :) Oh, and I love that you have Stephen Speaks for your music on here now. Best song ever!

JaredandMelissaSmith said...

Ah thanks it took some bravery for sure!