Saturday, April 24, 2010

Loads of Lace

Who knew that lace cost so much? I completely agree with my parents in the fact that paying $150 dollars for a veil is RIDICULOUS. We thought buying and making our own would be cheaper....boy were we wrong.

But that's ok, because its a very special thing for me. Oddly enough you would never guess that my dad sews. He made my trek dresses, my Halloween costumes, and now is going to make my wedding veil. He made my mothers veil, and my step sister Amy's. I am trusting him with this important thing, and I know its going to be absolutely beautiful!

My parents and I took a trip this morning out to the HUGE Joanne's in SLC where we bought the lace for my wedding veil.

 (can you believe that's 75$ worth of lace???)
Needless to say, we enjoyed the trip. Just not the cost.


Jamie said...

My mama made my veil. It cost $15 but had very little fabric. Congrats on doing things yourself! It makes the day so much more menaingful!

Emily said...

ooo the lace looks beautiful! It is so much more sentimental having your dad make it. Not many people have a dad that can sew! That is awesome!