Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today after one of my chem reviews I just got so home sick and finally yielded to Jared's pleadings to come home just for a couple hours. So I hurried as fast as I could to my apartment, jumped in the car, and drove about 75 mph all the way home so I could see my sweetheart, and get a blessing from my father before finals start friday.

I did of course forget (until I got home), that today is the day before taxes are due, and my dad is a CPA. Needless to say I had to wait quite a while before I got to see my dad and he could give me a blessing.

But I got to see my sweetie as soon as I got home, who gave me a huge hug, smothered me with kisses, and held me close while I breathed in the smell of his jacket. Then he handed me these...

absolutely beautiful dozen long stem roses.
Of course that brought a smile to my face, and I didn't realize how badly I had missed him until I started to cry when I left. I at least got to spend two hours in absolute euphoria being home today with my sweetheart. The next six days cannot go fast enough!

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