Saturday, April 17, 2010


As of yesterday we are officially two months away from getting MARRIED!!!!!!! I am currently in the midst of finals (2 down, 2 to go). As soon as I am done with finals, I get to move home and fully focus on wedding planning without feeling guilty! Today I took my nutrition final and took some pictures along the way.

The beautiful trees have bloomed, the aroma is filling the air, and the birds are gaily chirping. But all the students are frowning, mumbling while flipping through flashcards, and carrying backpacks bigger then they are.

The infamous JSB (not the regular testing center), is where three of my finals are. And I hate taking tests there. There is no leg room, no elbow room, and the writing desks are tiny! But with earplugs, juice, and two seats to yourself its do-able.

(the flash cards from my first two finals)

(see how many there are?)

I just need to make it to Tuesday night and all will be well. Then I'll be home and be able to enjoy the last two months until I get married!!!!!

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