Tuesday, August 24, 2010

{Bein' Crafty}

So being a newlywed who has bills to pay I decided to get crafty to save some money on fashion. One shirt in particular really caught my attention on my last trip to the mall with my Momma. It was in Nordstroms and was one of those really cute shirts that has tulle ruffles and flowers sewn to the neckline. Very popular right now.

Well it cost $45. How could I possibly justify that to Jer when I would get home and walk through the door?

Well I inspected it and it didn't look that complicated, so I went and bought some supplies for two different shirts in case I messed up on one. I bought two shirts from Forever 21 and then clothe from Joannes, all totaling $20. So basically $10 per shirt. Much better then $45 for one shirt!

After a couple hours playing with the iron and sewing machine, and then sewing on my own bead/crystal things I ended up with this...

I think it's super cute! I'm so impressed with myself for making this. It isn't exactly like the shirt I saw but it's unique and reminds me of a boutique kind of look which I love. I am going to be making the other shirt soon and I'll post pictures of that when it's done!

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Jamie said...

It IS super cute! Good work girl.