Sunday, August 29, 2010

More craftiness

A shout out to my friend Brianne Hollberg who I spent all day yesterday making extremely cute hairpieces and headbands while the men went shooting. It was a blast, and to think you can wear these with a pony tail and a plain shirt, or pair it with maybe a cardigan and jeans? I love this craft and especially how cheap the cost is per hair piece compared to a boutique!

I wore mine to church today, and got quite a couple compliments and 'where'd you get that?' questions. What is better than being able to say, 'oh I made it!'? I love all these DIY projects, and plan to do even more! Hopefully I don't go overboard, but its hard to go overboard on saving money!

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Anonymous said...

woot woot! WE ROCK! That is all.