Thursday, August 12, 2010

-The start of the weddings-

Yesterday Jer and I had the privilege of going to one of my close cousins sealing at the bountiful temple. It was of course a beautiful day and very sacred moment for both of us. We kept looking at each other during the sealing and remembering moments from our own sealing. I know for certain my Uncle Stan (the grooms father) visited that room during the sealing. The spirit was so strong and I've been feeling especially emotional about some of our specific prayers being answered recently. We've been really blessed of late and are extremely grateful we had this opportunity to share in the special event. We are so happy for Rich and Natalie!!!

Don't they just look so happy?

Here we are all dressed up

Congrats to Rich and Natalie, we're so happy for you two!!! This wedding is just the first of many this month, but it was for us probably the most special. Much love, have fun on the honeymoon!

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Chelsa said...

Yay...I'm so excited for Chard. What an amazing guy and family. Love you guys.