Sunday, August 29, 2010

.Sweetest Treats.

For those of you who are ever in Provo and want a great dessert I personally suggest 'The Cocoa Bean Cafe'. Having eaten at both 'The Sweet Tooth Fairy' and 'The Cocoa Bean Cafe' I fully admit that the 'The Cocoa Bean Cafe' takes the cake, literally on desserts for the Provo area. 'The Cocoa Bean Cafe' is open until eleven P.M. mon-thurs and midnight fri-sat located 1774 University Parkway. Go, and try it. Seriously! SOOO good!

Me and Jer went there Friday evening, and let me tell you, He's definitely CONVERTED! Which means we will now be treating ourselves to the best treats ever!

(Oh my goodness, do I love love love this man to death and beyond!!!)

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