Friday, August 06, 2010


We haven't been doing much of late in case you were wondering. I'm been working as usual and Jer has been working from home and cleaning. Whenever we aren't working we go on little adventures. Our latest one was fly fishing on the Provo. It started really fun and was quite successful!

So after we were done fishing at about 6:30 PM we decided to head home but the only way to get back to our car was to either walk half a mile down the river to cross on a bridge and then another half mile up...OR we could try and find a close semi-deep part and cross. The mosquitos were a quick driving force for us to jump into the river and then try to cross against the current. Jared made it alright, but I had trouble holding my footing and started to get carried by the stream. Jer being the heroic husband he is jumped back into the river after dropping the poles to come get me out of trouble. 

He rescued me and of course the second I got out of the water I was attacked by mosquitos ALL OVER. The rest of our trip was spent having Jer following me as I ran screaming towards the car. I'm sure it was quite an amusing sight to the other fishermen. And Jer was of course laughing himself. Needless to say I won't be going back to the Provo for a while.

Jer counted all the mosquito bites later and came to 33, an all time high. But I still had fun. And the mosquito bites are basically gone now thank goodness. In case you hadn't noticed, its hard trying to get all the tricks and keep up with an outdoor-sy husband. But I'm learning slowly! Maybe in a couple years I'll be as much a pro as him...who knows.

P.S. Our wedding photos are finished so I'll post some of them soon!

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