Friday, July 16, 2010

{The first month of marriage}

This past month has absolutely flown by. We are still amazed at how its already been a month since our magical day. I've loved our adventures, and fun times so far as a married couple.

I love waking up next to my handsome bed-headed husband and having him smile at me. I love having him bring me breakfast in bed or have dinner ready when I get home from work exhausted. I love having him grabbing me out of the blue and dancing with me in our kitchen. I love going on walks and looking at the stars with him. I love brushing my teeth next to him and getting ready for church together. I love watching the movie 'Up' in bed with my hubby and having us both still cry when Mr. Fredrickson's wife dies. I love how excited he gets when he gets to go fishing. I love how he looks at me with that secret smile and loving look that only I get to see everyday.

I just found this picture on my camera. This was taken right after we had finished with our pictures at Temple Square on the day we got married. We had just gotten in the car and decided to capture the moment. I'm so glad we did because I love this picture! We both look so relieved and happy. I love this man and I love how he loves me unconditionally. I can't wait for the next thirty billion months to come, and I know we'll be living them all as if we're newlyweds still!!!

We decided because of all the bad rap stories we'd heard on year old wedding cake to eat half of it on our one month anniversary, and then the other half at our six or one year anniversary. We haven't decided yet.

Either way here are the pictures from the event today...

Our wedding cake thawed

Cuttin' the cake

Dancing to our song 'Lucky'

Post cake eating...we don't feel so good. But He's still cute and handsome as ever! I LOVE THIS MAN!!! 

P.S. fondant on cakes that's old is NASTY. The rest was OK though.

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Katie and Rob said...

You guys look so good in that picture on your wedding day! I love it! also, I like the dancing picture, that's pretty much awesome! Happy One month!