Tuesday, July 06, 2010

.:having a grand FISH of a time:.

With me working full time now, we're taking advantage of every minute we have together. Originally the plan was to go play tennis, but then we realized that we were lacking the ever important racquets and tennis balls. Yeah, those may be important. So I agreed to take another hit at FLY FISHING. I think I've kinda got the hang of it better now...

Us trespassing? No, we'd never.
I often go walking, in fields of clover...
That gray thing attached to my pole with the red on it was my fake 'cricket'...kinda gross looking not going to lie. That's supposed to draw in the fish?
There's my honey bringing home the fishies :) Except we didn't catch any. But we had fun wading in the water with the sun on our backs.
This is my absolute favorite part of the outting today!
I love this man!!! I am SO lucky to be married to him!


Melissa said...

Wow! Look at your cute blog. Your cruise looks like you had so much fun. Greg wants to go on one so bad. I want to come down your way soon. I want to see your cute house and I would love to do a BBQ.

JaredandMelissaSmith said...

I love that idea! A BBQ sounds great. We don't really have a backyard that is ours so we could go to a nearby park? The cruise was definitely fun but we had some rough waves that made Jer not want to go on a cruise again...it just depends on what you're good for though!