Wednesday, July 28, 2010

.:our first family Fourth Celebration:.

Last night we dared the risks and set off on our first illegal adventure as man and wife. We had some different kinds of fireworks (I'm not sure of the names of) that flew really high up into the sky and were obvious for blocks around...which quickly drew po po's to the area. We only did about four or so and I didn't get a good picture of any of them except this one mid launch.

Jared barely let me handle any of the fireworks and was very resigned to let me even light the punk sticks let alone the mortars. He basically set them all off after my first one which I stuck to far into the grass and it was just an epic fail.

But trust me, I'm not that bad with fire.


Normally. I just get really excited by it. As soon as Jared saw the first glimpse of a cop he took the fireworks downstairs and that was that. Sad day. However, we will try again very very soon...

...until then, enjoy your Utah allowed fireworks and summer.


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JHSmith said...

i think that the picture of Melissa holding the punk speaks for itself....