Wednesday, July 21, 2010

.Jared's camping trip.

I woke up this morning to husband kissing me goodbye and telling me he loved me. I tried to go back to sleep, but it isn't easy sleeping alone. I guess I now know what he's been going through with me working grave shifts. I got up and started cleaning/organizing/trying to waste time and came across this sweet surprise left to me by my baby

It made me smile and miss him even more which meant I needed to preoccupy myself even more. I decided cleaning was just keeping my hands busy but not my head, so I went outside to get some sun and read my current novel. I got through a good hundred or so pages and got PLENTY of sun. I'm slightly red...oh well.

I then got ready and headed to BYU campus to deal with the difficulty of changing my marital status and name. That being done I headed on my way home. Well on the way I passed the Paul Mitchell hair school, and thought maybe I should go check how much it was to put a demi hair color in my hair.....and then I did it.

I had the girl put in a 3RB and I LOVE IT!!! This may be a permanent change depending on what Jer thinks when he gets home...

It had a bit of red in it that will show mainly in the sunshine, you can see some of it here. Anyways that took a good two hours at the salon and I hadn't eaten before I went so once I was on my way home I was STARVING. Thank goodness Jared left me this very healthy meal to throw in the oven when I got home. No preparation necessary. Isn't that nice?

Gosh, I am glad Jer is going to be home tomorrow so he can cook. I seriously think I may burn the pizza. It's in the oven currently. But no worries, the timer is sitting right next to me.

I am so glad Jared is only going to be gone for one night. He may be semi used to being alone for extended periods of time without me, but I certainly am not! I work a grave tonight thank goodness so I don't have to stay curled up in bed scared all night. Its barely getting dark and I'm already getting jumpy. I'm glad my big strong man will be here tomorrow night to scare the shadows away for me. I don't know how I coped before we were married. I've almost forgotten single life! Which is good, I don't want to live any other way then married for the rest of my life! I love you Jared Hilton Smith! Come home soon and safe!

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Sarah said...

Melissa, you are so dang cute! And I agree - that color looks amazing on you!!