Sunday, July 04, 2010

{the most amazing trip of my life: The Honeymoon}

Well our week long Honeymoon ended sadly, I very much wish it had lasted a couple days more. There's no more cruise to look forward to, but I have so many wonderful stories from it now. Jared and I both agree, this was the best vacation we have ever taken. Whether or not that's because we spent the entire time with only each other, we both had an amazing time visiting Key West, Cozumel, and spending time on Carnival Imagination, our cruise ship. We made so many lasting memories from climbing a lighthouse overlooking the coast of Cozumel, 
to standing mere inches from a saltwater crocodile, 
to going down water slides in the middle of the Caribbean.
(This is Jared making his splash at the very bottom)

We embarked on Monday, the 28th, got settled, and then spent some time in the sun. 
(Amazing view of Miami in the distance)
At dinner a huge group of waiters sang the 'Happy Marriage' song which goes to the tune of Happy Birthday. It made us blush, but also was a special and sweet moment.
(They also gave us an extra slice of cheesecake when they serenaded us which was a bonus)

Tuesday we went to Key West and visited the Hemingway house which was very cool, but the weather and humidity made it extremely hot even if the tour guide said it was low for the day.

(I love this man!!!)
That night was the 'Dine with the Captain' night, so we got pretty darn fancy for our lobster dinner,
and then came back to find this cute present on our bed.

Wednesday we went to Cozumel which was absolutely beautiful. We went on a shore excursion that included a jeep tour around the island, 
went and saw some Mayan ruins,
(pretty small ruins right?)
hiked the lighthouse mentioned before, viewed the beautiful Cozumel coast,
And went snorkling (sorry no pictures of that yet).

Thursday we relaxed on the ship, and got some sun as it headed back to Miami. Here's a picture of our last night on the ship.

We had so much fun and can't wait to go on our next trip. Until then we'll be having adventures at home making more memories!

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Mrs. W said...

your trip looks awesome! I'm glad that you guys had fun!