Thursday, August 11, 2011

DIY project 2

This is definitely the biggest, and probably the absolute last DIY project that Jer is going to be willing to help me with. Since we got married I've been trying to get all of our various family collection furniture to match so that it doesn't look like we mixed and matched so much. For example, our kitchen table is a like colored oak, our nightstands are a medium mahogany color, and our dresser and desk were a dark cherry.

And as you can see to someone like me who is slightly a OCD person. Ok maybe really OCD, it was kinda driving me, NUTS!

So originally the idea was we'd recolor both our TV stand (which was a lighter mahogany-almost darker oak) and our nightstands. I didn't realize how much work it would be. And how tired my husband would become of painting so quickly. So we stopped at the TV stand. But my goodness, it looks so much better and I seriously love it. So now basically all our furniture is dark like I wanted.


So stupidly, I didn't take a before or during. And I don't have one single photo from our entire marriage of that piece of furniture. But you get the idea of the color. Kind of.


We sanded it down, and then painted it. It was a lot of help to have Grandpa Smith there to guide us and to make sure we did it right. Thanks so much Grandpa!

I'm really happy with it, and how it goes with the rest of our family room/kitchen area. The good news is that we are almost all done with decorating our apartment. I'll be glad when its done.


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