Thursday, August 25, 2011


Sorry I spaced out for a couple days. Life happens. Ya know?

But seriously how happy is everyone right now?! Seriously, you the people of the world are probably sleeping right now. But I have big news. So just act happy when you read this, mmk?! If you're not happy when you read this...go eat chocolate, pet a puppy or kitty, kiss someone and be happy so you can be happy with me.


Quite basically, my friend Moni (Monica) from HS days let me in on a little awesomeness of hers and I got lucky enough to share in the reward!

Are you ready?


the tension should be building.....

(is this annoying or what? Hey, its 1AM it just goes with the mood) quite basically all my dreams and hopes (short term of course) for my photography have come true in that I (with Moni) get to internship with a photography studio and one amazing photographer in particular. Jaron Horrocks with Saans Photography. Hello. Oh yes.

Let the splendor and beauty of that statement just wash over you.

I am just so excited to learn hands on with people who are professionals, and not just in it for the money. They want to make art. And that's what I want to do. I will get to learn every aspect of their business from the marketing, lighting, posing, to equipment, etc. etc. And maybe if we get good enough, and work really hard (and stay with them for a really long time) we might even have an opportunity to be assistant photographers. Isn't that just the best news you've heard all day?!?

Just nod. Smile. Say 'yes' to yourself. Something along the lines of 'Go Melissa' wouldn't be bad either. But you don't have to. Only if you feel the urge. But you should feel the urge.

So basically, I'm somewhere between floating on air and KBD. And if you don't know what KBD is, then you aren't one. Was that harsh? Ok, now I feel bad. If you want to know what KBD is...comment and I will email you or facebook you or just post it in my next post. But you should know what it is. Just sayin.

Maybe I should go to bed now...yep, I should- NEED- to go to bed.


p.s. this is me can obviously tell why my husband likes it when I go to bed before I reach this stage...personally I think its fun.



Alena said...

I definitely felt the urge!:) Goooo Melissa!!

Lacey said...

What a great opportunity!! Go Melissa go! So exciting!

ps. i kinda like your hyper self :)

Amanda C. said...

Congrats. That is awesome. I can't wait to hear about all the awesome stuff you learn.

Monica said...

Hey I'm glad you are so excited! It is a great opportunity, not only are you going to learn a TON, but it's such a great environment there as well. I always have fun with the Saan's clan. I'm glad I could share the wealth. =)

Chels+Jord said...

Jaron is my brother in law, I also live with him. If you didn't know that already. :) He's a great teacher. My husband and I hang out there sometimes so maybe we'll see you around.