Wednesday, August 31, 2011

bargain hunter:TOMS

Truthfully, I resisted for a LONG time against getting TOMS. Everyone had them, they weren't that cute...etc. I just found reasons to not like them. But like a lot of trends and popular things, there really are reasons why they are so popular and continue to be a high craze.

Since I finally bought my first pair and have broken them in, they are SOOO comfortable. But the price was still a little much to swallow. So when I heard from a friend at work that she found someone who buys TOMS straight from the factory in bulk and then sells them for $25 a pair, I was like 'Sign me up!'

She gave me the contact info, I dropped by this nice lady's house today after school and bought two pair for me, and two pair for a friend.

They had everything from the classic toms, to a couple patterns, to the glitter toms, to the wedges. All under $35 a pair! So truthfully, I feel a lot better about these TOMS that I just got, then my first pair from Nordstrom.

But I guess it took me actually finding a pair that I liked the look of to be open about the brand in general.

Is everyone else like me where they resist the popular movements, or do you jump on the bandwagon quickly? I think I can attribute it to my stubborn nature. :)

Yay for TOMS!


p.s. if you live in Utah and thus would like her contact info...I may be inclined to give it to you. If you ask nicely :) 


♥ Meinzer said...

Ooo I LOVE Toms!!!!!!! I bought my very first pair when i was pregnant with Xander, because i hated flip flops and tying shoes on was impossible. Anyway the Toms saved my life while i was prego, comfy cute and easy to put on! I am jealous of your glitters ones i soooo wants some more. And i agree, they are pricey but i convinced myself that by me buying myself a pair, i was also helping someone else get a pair of shoes, and since they allow you to pick the country they donate them to i picked my country lol. :) and i would love her info, I have been wanting another pair for awhile! :)

Emily said...

Umm I would LOVE that contact info!!! I have been wanting a pair for a while cause they are SO comfy!!!! What an awesome girl to find!!!

Amanda C. said...

I really like the corduroy toms, but I just can't let myself pay that much for canvas shoes. I need to find a deal like you.

Ben and Karin said...

I want contact info... please please please with a cherry on top ;) They are cute, but I totally avoid popular things like that just due to price! they are so expensive. But I didn't want to get a pair of bobs or whatever the knock of is!

Melissa said...

I would just die for her contact info! I want some Tom's so bad, but I just can't seem to justify paying 50 dollars for shoes. Pretty pretty please!

AndeeandDrew said...

I knew I read this info somewhere once upon a time! Would you be willing to share her info with me pretty please! What an awesome find!