Sunday, August 28, 2011

Adi poochi

This is the second update in a row that is solely for Adi. Can you tell we love her much? I really feel like my mother side has come out because of her. But of course, that doesn't stop me from having fun photographing her.

This is my favorite shot for the month of August...I had some free time, found a fun location that wasn't to hot for her, and shot away.

Of course this picture came from a whole grouping of photos that I happened to take right after I got my 50 mm f1.8 canon lens. But I just really love this shot because it just shows how calm and what an at ease personality she has. And of course how wonderfully fluffy as well! Doesn't she just look soft in this shot?

But as our friends Katie and Rob pointed out today, the picture I've put up do not do her any justice as to her actual size. She is now at least three feet tall when standing on her hind legs, and weighed in at 42.5 lbs this morning. Crazy how fast my adorable little baby has grown into a teen puppy!


Lexie said...

I can't remember where we got our headboard exactly, I just found it online. If you just search for tufted headboards under $300 in google it brings up some good options. The one we have was about $300 I think. Good luck!

Amanda C. said...

She sure is a cutie. What kind of dog is she. She doesn't look that big in the pics.