Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bitter-sweet goodbye

It's official guys! We are finally up and running. Thank goodness, because I have seriously been missing blogging! So a little over two weeks ago we finally sent my parents off to Honolulu, Hawaii for their 18 month mission. Needless to say its been a hard two weeks for me to not have access to my parents. Does that sound ridiculous? I am such a home body, and even though I've really been moved out of the house since I started college four years ago, I have been used to going home almost every weekend to visit my parents.

Sending my parents off,

was not fun. But I kept a stiff upper lip for them right until they went through security and then Jer hurriedly rushed me away which was actually good so I didn't upset them. I am anxiously counting down the next six months until we get to go out for two weeks to visit. Yes that's right! We get two whole weeks out in Hawaii while they are stuck in the office to spend on the beach. But we get weekends with them which is definitely going to be totally worth it.

Until then we are spending our now free sunday's with other family. Want to adopt us for a Sunday?


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Katie A. said...

We would love to adopt you on the 28th! We will be down then. Hopefully we will be able to see you guys.