Saturday, August 27, 2011

oh poop. literally.

So yesterday when Jared left for work, and before I got home from work Adi spent approximately six hours in her pen. By pen I mean a gold ten foot square dog run. It has a little door thats opened by lifting the handle and then pushing on the door. Well apparently Adi is smarter than I thought. She opened it sometime yesterday while neither of us were home...and I came home to house disaster.

You see, Adi has this thing that when she's alone she finds whatever is moderately edible and rips it to shreds. Specifically paper. But she also has a hankering for power cords.

And there were two trash cans, and two tissue boxes within reach. Plus Jer's computer charging cord. Needless to say, we'll make sure that its completely latched and this time has an extra lock so that even if she gets the door handle up, she won't be able to push it open.

But plus that she had a little accident in the midst of all the shredded paper. Business one and two. And although it wasn't a big deal to clean it up, I'm afraid that she has gotten confused as to where the potty is. This morning I sent her out to go to the bathroom, and she came back as if she was done. I went into the bathroom, came out and then caught her in the act. Of course I freaked out and made sure she knew that was bad and took her outside again to go there.

Ah, what do I do? I was just so glad to have gotten past the puppy potty stage. We hadn't had an accident for at least a month and a half. And this is the first one in this new apartment. I'm just so frustrated, because I thought I had her trained and then one little accident and she is untrained?

Advice? tips?


p.s. who thinks the word poop is funny?
p.p.s. does talking about poop make you feel awkward?

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Lacey said...

When we had a Japanese girl live with us for a month one summer she used to say "I'm pooped" all the time. We all thought it was so funny especially Adam. Her accent was so thick it sounded like she said "I poop". Haha!!