Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lesson learned...

Mother's always know what is best...this I learned...AGAIN...tonight. Being a newlywed doesn't make you a genius, just to clarify. Even though you're completely free (kinda) from parental supervision, they are still often correct even if you do live over 50 miles away now.

Well tonight I did something impetuous and extremely stupid with the help of Jared. I decided to dye my hair. If you don't know I have never dyed my hair except for some lowlights which weren't even that obvious (the dye didn't take well). So I went to the beauty supply store today, bought some dye with the direction and help of the store clerk, and then headed to work.

I've always wanted my hair darker, and figured I was safe to do it before the cruise. Well let's just say, thank freaking goodness I didn't get this notion before the wedding.

After I got back from work my one 'gotta do' was dye my hair. So after dinner Jared helped slop it all in there and wait. Once the 45 mins were up Jer helped me wash it out and to find out to my dismay it Not the chestnut brown the little hair strip supposedly indicated the color my hair would be. I look half emo. In my opinion. I'm to embarrassed to put a final picture on here.

Once I had gotten it blown dry I burst into tears; thank goodness I have a husband who looks for the bright side in things and can make me laugh.

So basically I feel completely stupid after this whole ordeal. Not only did it not turn my hair the color I wanted it, but the dye got on our table, chairs, and the floor while I was treating my hair. My husband is such a patient, good tempered man to put up with this. Any one else would have been upset at what all went wrong with this great "idea". I love my husband so much and even if we can't fix my hair, I am still determined to have the best vacation ever on our cruise.

But still let's pray it can be fixed tomorrow by someone who knows what they're doing. Hopefully it won't turn out worse than it already is...keep your fingers crossed! If nothing else Jer said we'll look back on this in two years and laugh at how dumb this idea was. I hope he's right!!!

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