Monday, June 06, 2011


I love that spring has sprung, that the world has come to life, that the flowers have blossomed, 
and that mother nature really does care about us. But do we really need to have every possible 
grass and pollen count so high to make me MISERABLE?! Anyone else with this issue? 
I feel like I'm House, but on Zyrtec not Vicodin. Well silly me,  I still let the sunshine 
get to me and convinced Jer to go on a mini hike. It was well worth it.

And of course, the waterfall was gorgeous just as much as Adi was adorable. 
How am I so caught up in doing anything to make that little puppy happy?

Of course, Adi finds the up side of my allergies 
and keeps herself entertained at the same time.

Hope the hay fever isn't getting the best of you too,

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