Thursday, June 16, 2011

one year ago

Today is our anniversary. Our first marital anniversary, and I'm so glad its come. It's been a crazy first year, don't let anyone tell you the first year isn't. But at the same time of getting used to each other's odd quirks and habits, we have fallen even more in love with who each other really is.

I couldn't help but throw in some pictures from our perfect wedding day. I love looking back through these and seeing how absolutely blissful we were that day. I wish we could relive it. But that's what anniversaries are for right? To reflect and cherish those savored memories.

 Just a few of our beautiful photos. Loved that day. 
And I'm sure we will love this day. 

Off to make more memories.


P.S. if you haven't been following our story...go here to start from the beginning.


Jamie said...

Happy Anniversary girl! What a great day to celebrate, right?

Alena said...

you have theeee prettiest pictures known to man! just wanted to let you know that!