Thursday, June 02, 2011

bras and mustard

but not together thank goodness. No, these are just the latest of Adi's mischievous adventures. Specifically today. After our afternoon running, playing, and jumping in the yard I came in for a delicious turkey pepperoni, bell pepper sandwhich. With of course, my all time go-to condiment: MUSTARD. Mmmm. I do love me some mustard. You can just ask my husband and prior roommates, I go through a small bottle about a month.

Normally, as in always, I hang out on our bed when I'm relaxing at home. Mainly cause we can't get any couch we buy through the front door of our new apartment. Anyways, so since Adi is still small enough to not be able to get onto the bed, I always lift her up and then get settled. But today, I forgot when I put her up that I had already put my sandwhich on the bed. Oops. Good news is Adi LOVES mustard. And pepperoni. But that's all she ate of my sandwhich. Don't worry, I made a new sandwhich.

After I took her out for the potty, she came in, and while I took my own toilet break she somehow found my bra wherever she had hid it earlier...little stinker. And then she managed to hold onto it with all her might while I chased her ALL OVER the apartment.

Boy do I love that little girl.

Happy Thursday

p.s. I'm sorry I don't have a guest postee AGAIN this week. I promise, 
I'll get a good one for next week.

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