Friday, June 03, 2011

photo contest+fill in the blank friday

This week has been a pretty good week for photography. I took 
this photo on Tuesday at a local pasture by my mother-in-law's house,

and I'm submitting it to Through a Photographer's Eyes for the

But in addition to that I was sure you'd want to read some fun facts about me and my honey. 
Yes, I'm getting more and more sentimental as our anniversary draws near. 
Odd? No. I'm a female, cut me some slack. 

1. we love reese's peanut butter cups because its the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate. and we love to devour bags together. its the absolute all time proud pleaser when we do movie night.
2. a time that our mothers knew best was when we decided to go on a cruise for our honeymoon. they both knew it was a mistake because it was to expensive and not as much fun as we envisioned but they still supported us.
3. our first kiss went a little like a full symphony playing perfectly sweet music, like butterflies all around us, the rest of the world was blocked out, and completely weak at the knees. and that was just my hubby's emotions from it. (:
4. our celebrity crush is any of the james bond actors. sean connery is Jer's fav. timothy dalton is my preference. seriously, we own all 21. come on over, we'll do a marathon sometime.
5. our splurge of choice is gas money. we spend tons and tons of money driving back and forth from our parents hometown for really any excuse we can come up with. what can we say...we just really dislike utah county.
6. our biggest accomplishment is our first year of marriage! everyone was very correct, it was tough, but its going to get much better after this now that we've adjusted to living with each other.
7. our dance jam of choice is lucky by jason mraz and colbie callait. its our song, we danced to it at our wedding, we have every word memorized (and if we don't its a great chance to lighten up the mood as we dance in the kitchen).

I love my hubby. Love love love him. I can't wait til we're a couple years down the road, in our first house with a couple children and look back and see our short yet wonderful journey. 

Happy weekend!


nichole said...

you guys are just too cute! i like that you filled in the blanks together!

have a lovely weekend!!

Tara said...

Great shot, love the light and sun flare!

Kristen Laudick Photography said...

Awesome shot!

JennyO said...

Ahh your horse photo is great! I love how your all up in his fuzzy face.
And the fill in the blanks is very sweet... keep the love going.

em said...

What a lovely photo!

WyTography said...

What a fun perspective of the horse! I love it!