Thursday, September 22, 2011

awkward vs awesome

which rules out?

awkward for the day: trying to inconspicuously write this post while the MDT and young ambassadors dance and sing and act and talk in obnoxious accents all around me. Quite literally over me too. I was climbed over at least three times. By guys. In ballet tights. If you don't know what MDT or young ambassadors are...think funny, hilarious, and obnoxious all at the same time. And yet they are so fun to be around.

awesome for the day: I was told I look like a dark beauty with my newly dyed hair. Thank you, I rather like it myself!

and yes, these occurred within five minutes of each other.

p.s. I shall be posting pics of my new hair-do tomorrow...after I take pictures. You'll be so impressed, hubby did it all himself as I bent over the kitchen sink. Go hubby!

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