Thursday, September 29, 2011

mental health day

Since muzzle loader elk or deer or moose (whatever) started Wednesday and the hubby was going to be gone for four+ days, we decided to take tuesday off from work and school to spend time together. Which was divine, since it indcluded going to the park with Adi, stopping off at Nordstroms, and eating yummy Greek Slouvaki.

And multitasking a manicure and a tan at the pool for a good couple of hours. I love our mental health days, I always feel so pampered on those days because I get my honey all to myself, and we get to do whatever we feel like.

I can't believe that its already starting to become fall, where did the summer go? Christmas is right around the corner, which is insane! But wonderful as we will be spending it in Honolulu, HI. Any must do things, or places to eat on Oahu let us know. We're open to any suggestions!

Hope everyone's having a great week!

p.s. whoever thought of getting groups of men together to go hike in the mountains after large stupid animals is not my favorite person right now. But at least it gives me an opportunity to finish home-making our apartment. (Is that even a word?) I will put up pictures of everything polished and pretty + my remaining DIY projects I've done in the past little while.


Katie Edminster said...

The oceanarium is soooo amazing on Oahu its in Waikiki. We ended up reading there twice. Plus there is a giant tank with huge fish and divers go in to feed them. It's divine.

Katie Edminster said...

Eating sorry not reading