Saturday, September 17, 2011

Double do-do

Ever since becoming engaged, and then married I was always concerned about loosing any of the smaller diamonds from my ring or band. I habitually check them not only to straighten them, but also to ensure that nothing has gone missing. And I do this often; primarily to help raise my chances of being able to retrace my steps if a stone does go missing.

Well the fact of a busy day in addition to a very off or poor luck day hasn't helped anything at all. Quite down to earth it has been a bad hair day, a running late kind of day, and a bad traffic kind of day. And a busy one too.

Between going to class, stopping off at work in Provo, and then coming home to do dishes, laundry, wash the floor, pick up and organize, and lastly to give Adi a bath I feel like I've been everywhere. And with little time to check my rings.

So of course you can understand why in horror I found that one of the diamonds from my wedding band is MISSING!!! Sad day. What to do what to do.

As many friends have pointed out, I should take it to our Jewelers and they'll replace it if its under warranty. But unfortunately we used a personal jeweler, and we didn't insure it either. Understandably I'm at a loss of what to do until we can save up the money to replace the small diamond.

Any votes on if replacing the small stone with a CZ diamond temporarily is a bad idea?


p.s. whoever can name that movie from which my title comes from is basically awesome.


Chels said...

Yikes! I had one of my diamonds fall out along my band when I was engaged, luckily my ring brand has a life time warranty. Though I about died when I saw it was missing! I would replace it with a CZ, if it is small you really won't be able to tell.

Jamie said...

My diamonds fall out ALL the time. And it makes sense - there are 86 of them! I just haul the ring down to my jeweler and he replaces them for free.