Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our unexpected expensive trip to Petco

As it is one of Adi's favorite places to go not only for all the delicious smells (which we often buy) and the cute kids walking around she can lick half to death, but also because its the only place where she can go into a store and beg mom to get her new toys. And I don't really dislike it either. Its always a fun adventure and way to spend time when we head down to the local Petco.

But this time when I walked in, something other than dog toys and treats caught my eye.

Welcome to our family Danger!
Isn't that an awesome name for a little fishy?

Adi gave me a cute little queer look like, 'what in goodness sakes are we going to do with him?'

Well, he's already found a nice home on our kitchen counter. And to think I swore I'd never get a fish. We'll see how it goes. Does anybody know if beta fish smell really bad like goldfish do? That's why I didn't chose a goldfish. And beta fish just look plain cooler. 

Happy Saturday!

p.s. check out the most adorable hot dog ever!

I thought it'd be the most perfect halloween costume ever, but it was a little pricey!


Mrs. W said...

man if I had known you guys wanted a fish you could have had our 'shredder' instead of us dumping him in the pond ;)

Amanda C. said...

Cute fish. I was thinking about getting one because I have a bunch of colored glass left from my brothers wedding decorations. I just don't like to clean out the tank. I don't think they smell if you keep fresh water in there. I have had several and they are easy to care for.