Wednesday, September 07, 2011

My brain fart day this week

My sweetheart came done to p-town today to bring sweet Adi to see the vet (she licked the stitches to much to where her insicion was starting to open). In addition to being worried about that, today has been an interesting and cynical (on my part) day.

The awkward:

I discovered this morning one of my favorite perfumes smells like it's rotten. Sad.
I forgot to shave my legs this weekend. Sorry to the guy in modern dance who had to support my nasty hairy leg today.
As I was sneaking my shorts down to cover my unders while walking to my first class, I outright ripped my pocket seam...oops. So now I have a gapping hole in my pantalones.
Lipgloss exploded onto the kid next to me in my religion class as I was trying to apply do you possibly clean that up with only one tissue?
Sorry to the guy who gave me car advice and then I called my dad to ask the exact same question. It's not that I don't trust your opinion...its just that a girl needs to call her dad first.

And the epitome of awkward today, I had an awful time balancing while changing for dance in the bathroom stall and therefore was banging quite a bit on the walls...and someone banged back from the other side of the stall. What do you say after that, hello or sorry?

The awesome:

On a whim I suggested we watch an episode of 24 last night since I'd heard it was good...and now we're addicted. Already six episodes down, only 196 left.
I listened to Sara Bareilles the entire drive down to school this morning. I love her. She makes me happy.
My english professor completed her email today in ergophobically yours. How freaking awesome is that? I love english professors.
I found this drink called Muscle Milk in Macey's grocery and LOVE it! Plus it gives you 25% of every vitamin or mineral for your daily need.

And finally, I got another pair of TOMS today. They are so comfy! I think they kind of look like elf shoes, but they are so stinking comfy. When will my obsession end you ask? I don't know.

Overall, a great and awful day all at the same time. I just have Oh well.

Happy Wednesday!

p.s. I LOVE it when everyone updates their blogs. update!


Alex said...

We LOVE LOVE 24! we have watched all 8 seasons plus the movie and then started over. We're now on season 2 again. We even bought the interactive dvd game. Lol!

Amanda C. said...

I've had days like that. Once I only shaved one leg. How does that happen?

Jamie said...

Can I just say I think it's terrific that you call your dad? It drives Shehan nuts when I insist on asking my daddy first. But it's a must. A total must.