Monday, September 12, 2011

non malicious sprain

So tomorrow I get to take this bad boy off,

after wearing it ALL weekend, and today at school.

Trust me, it was an absolute joy to walk in around campus. Especially since my classes are on opposite sides of campus. And I didn't draw to much attention to myself thank goodness. (can you sense my sarcasim?)

Except at a family dinner/bday party Sunday night where everyone got a good laugh out of how I sprained two toes Friday night. 

And I know everyone wants to laugh today, so here goes. 

Friday night when I got home from work at ten thirty, Jer and I took Adi out to run around and burn off some energy. So we commenced in baiting her to come to one of us then the other would run, and she would turn and chase. It actually was a genius idea because she was WORN OUT afterwards. Except for that last run down of me where she literally, ran me down. 

Well specifically she jumped at me as I was trying to make a turn, knocking my feet out from underneath me; which I then landed rather badly on. 

After a day of contemplating and a great deal of whining (on my part) about the pain, Jer finally suggested insisted I head to the local Instacare Saturday night. An hour later I walked out with the foot brace on, a diagnosis of only sprained toes, and a badly bruised ego.

The woeful foot. It's the left one if you can't tell. See how its all swollen on the inside of my foot?
Ok, well it isn't super obvious via this picture. But it was. I promise. 

The doctor got quite a kick out of my trying to make the whole experience seem like it was all my fault and that my dog wasn't malicious. She just suggested I try to not have my dog chase me. Or teach her not to jump. Which we're working on. It's just not really sinking in quite yet.

So, did I learn my lesson? No, not really.
Just today I ran and had Adi chase me in my boot and all. I'm sure it was quite a sight.

Happy Monday

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