Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Build on a good Foundation

Since posting some self portraits with my face all done up for once, I had a couple readers email me asking what kind of foundation I used. I will admit openly that I only use it rarely, and mainly for pictures because I originally bought mine when I was a bit tanner so it makes me look a bit orange in this white skinned time.

However the Cargo blu_ray foundation is quite truthfully my favorite makeup purchase I made when I got married. I bought it precisely for all the wedding pictures and it did not fail. I felt and still feel with pictures I take, that my foundation is flawless and without feeling pasty or melty like a basic liquid foundation that I preferred before this powder.

It is pricy, but to me definitely worth the cost especially if you feel that your complexion needs help especially in photographs.

Price: $30
Comes in 4 base colors and can be manipulated with highlighter powder or bronzer
Pros: Great for photos and make skin look flawless
Cons: If you have greasy skin, like any makeup it makes your face oily faster

Overall, a 5 out of 5 rating. I will definitely stick with this foundation for a long time.

 Bridals sometime in May 2010

p.s. It's the first day of SPRING! Can I get a halleluiah! 

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Chels said...

Cargo products rock! I used their concealer for a long time.