Tuesday, March 13, 2012


You know how sometimes there are those days when you feel like you are not want to be in your life? And the more you examine and evaluate you see that you really are not happy with some things. So you make major changes.

For me, this day was yesterday. After working every Sunday for over the past two months my quality of life deteriorated. I didn't feel like it missing church at first had any affect. In fact I felt just fine. And then all of a sudden I was overly impatient, short tempered, had a serious attitude (more than normal), and was just all of a sudden numb. Nothing made me happy, nothing seemed to calm my irritation. So when I woke up yesterday after a particularly rough weekend at work I just snapped. And when I snap, its more like a hysterical breakdown. You know, the kind of crying that you have trouble breathing and you get beat red and your eyes swell up?

Thank goodness my sweet husband knows how to deal with this. He just held me and when I got into my PMS (Poor Me Syndrome) he turned it right around and said, "then this means you need to make some changes, and you know exactly what those changes are."

So I essentially quit my job. And I feel like the world has been lifted off of me. Well, I am PRN until April for sure and will come back probably in late May. After three years of being a CNA, I'm pretty burnt out. And I am tired of missing church.

It's funny how such a simple thing as not going to church every week has taken such a toll on my life in every aspect. Another reason why I know I'm involved in the right religion, and that I know its whats best for me.

Sometimes life needs to be evaluated, weighed, and readjusted. I'm just really grateful for people who care enough to help me realize and change when my life needs it.


Katie A. said...

I think experiences like that in life happen, so that we understand how important church really is. It is good to see the difference in your life. It can make all the difference in the world.

ashnicole said...

I've definitely been feeling this way the past little while. When I looked at my life and what needs to change, it all comes down to being a better member...we made time to go to the temple this weekend, although we were so busy, and I felt so much better! And just trying to do better with the little things has helped heaps as well.
Hope things keep looking up!