Monday, March 19, 2012

Sick Thing

This past weekend was filled with the most miserable experience in my existence ever. You ever had the moment in the midst of a sickness where you're clinging to the toilet, crying, and just wish you were dead? Yeah, that moment came numerous times this weekend. I have never had such violent and consistent nausea to give me a migrane like this weekend. And since Jer is a courtesy puker, he was unable to play nurse.

Basically once I'm having morning sickness in a year or so I'm going to be calling my mother and MIL for help and rations. As my dad said when I called this morning for a PMP (pity me party) that I should probably stock up on Gatorade and hide it under the bed as a back up for the next flu that comes this way.

Thank goodness once the nastiness stopped Jared was a good caregiver and fetched Gatorade and Chipotle for me. Random hunger craving for the first thing I really wanted to eat right? I know. But it stayed in my stomach so no judgement. He also stroked my hair just like mom would when I was filling yucky or sad. It never fails to help me fall asleep and feel better.

What makes you feel better when you're sick?

Hope no one else was sick this weekend too. I wouldn't wish that on my least favorite person.

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Mr.s W said...

When I started reading your post I was really hoping you weren't referring to the evening with us! ;) sorry you were sick, I HATE throwing up. Glad you're feeling better!