Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Recently and really ever since we got married we had run out of ideas for new things to do for dates. We would have the most ridiculous fights because he'd plan a date and when we got there my response was, "again?" Yes, I sound bratty but you go bowling five weekends in a row and see how you respond.

So we decided that a good compromise was for me to come up with a bunch of date ideas, making a list that he could choose off of so that we would have new and creative date activities. So here's the list so far...

BYU dance concert
Hide-and-seek in Walmart
Ikea shopping game
Dollar theater
Movie his choice
Movie her choice
Dog Park
Jumping gym
Cliff Diving
Swimming Pool
Raging Waters
Movie night at capital lawn
Utah museum of Natural History
Game Night
Star Gazing-good weather
Tracy Aviary
Baseball Game
Basketball Game
Bike ride
Go horseback riding
Liberty Park Ferris Wheel and rides
Feed Ducks at Sugarhouse Park
Picnic at Memory Grove
Utah Museum of Fine Art
Laffy Taffy Tour
Red Butte Garden and arboretum
Steiner aquatic center (swimming)
Kite flying
This is the place
Yoga Class at 3B in Provo
Color Me Mine
Laser Tag

Please please please, add to the list. Seriously any ideas, cheap, random, or odd. I'm open to anything. And you can also use the list for your own uses.

Date night outfits I have the hardest time with. When I buy something new I want to wear it on a fun night out, but I don't want it to get ruined on our date. and knowing Jared we have some pretty rough and tumble dates i.e. hiking, fishing, shooting. Basically I get dirty and there's no point in doing my hair because once we're done its a mess anyways. But for our last date of a bonfire I had the funnest time planning because we were only doing a fire pit in the backyard so I could actually dress up.

 Sweater: Kohls, Shirt: Express, Jeans: Macy's, Shoes: DSW, Necklace: H&M

Fun little monochromatic color scheme which I felt was sassy, and sophisticated with a little bit of a pop with my red heels. Except that sweater was just way to much for the amount of cute it was. Don't you hate that kind of buyers remorse? Its cute, and you can see yourself wearing it, but just not for that much money? It happens to me all the time.

Dressing for dates is hard especially when you don't know what the activity is, but don't be afraid to have fun. I think I always am overly conservative when dressing for dates and then I regret not being more original later.

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Lacey said...

Tourist night is a great spend the night walking around town taking pics at random things like you would if you were a tourist just stopping threw. It's great because every town has something corky about them to find. :)