Tuesday, September 07, 2010

{Holly Homemaker}

This past weekend was absolutely heaven to get an extra day off from work and school, and although I didn't spend it with my honey, we both had tons of fun. However, I look back and feel like I spent it being a holly homemaker, which was not my intent!

First of all Sunday was spent relaxing, watching church movies, and I....BAKED! This is the first time in weeks I have done this, and I know my neighbors and husband appreciated the braided bread they got to enjoy. Well at least they said they did...

*If you want to know how to make this go here*

And Jer made some yummy italian salad's as he called them. 

(I had to insert this just to prove that Jer is the creative cook/chef in our family, while I am the one who resorts to frozen dinners)

Then while Jer went fishing all day at Duck Fork for Labor day,

I madly spent the day with my parents searching everywhere from PC, to Layton for something amazingly beautiful and eye-poppingly colorful- but not costly- for our kitchen. It's been driving me nuts that its so dull and blah, so I wanted something to bring some color to the room. I finally found these flowers at Tai Pan (love that place), and this sea blue vase at Ikea for....$1 (also love that place!)

Doesn't it make it look sooo much more colorful? Guess you'll have to come see it for yourself! There are more plans in the works before we can have a big family get together to let them see our apt. so it'll be a while. I dunno why its taking us so long to completely finish decorating our apartment, but it is!

So here's to us finally finishing it sometime soon!

And as my upstairs neighbor reminds me...there's nothing wrong with being a holly homemaker (:

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The Simmons Family said...

I hear you on the decorating! I still have empty rooms! lol