Monday, September 13, 2010

.Secret Pleasures.

So I am obsessed with these shoes. For those that don't know, I work at a nursing home doing eight hour shifts and I'm on my feet good comfy shoes are vital. I had a pair of adidas that were doing just great until recently. Megan (who I work with) suggested these...

She wears her own pair every day she works and says her feet never hurt at all...and she works two eights back to back=16 HOURS!

Has she sold me? My husband would say she has, but I just can't bring myself to cough up the price. Especially now that school's started and I've cut back on hours....but oh do I want them. I found some on a small sale for the month of September, but I'm still going to shop around. Because, hey, when you get married you gotta be thrifty. Particularly if you want to do something other than work, like having time to see your spouse and actually doing fun things with them.

Another secret item that I absolutely LOVE and need to get more of is my mascara. I'm more than happy to splurge on this because its completely and totally worth it. The mascara I use is Clinique High Impact Mascara (the green bottle). If you are sensitive to mascara or yours' irritates your eyes, try this stuff. Any mascara Clinique makes is extremely long wearing, doesn't flake, and doesn't contain some of the harsh chemicals like an alcohol base that some of the cheapie mascaras use. Its esp. good for me because the cheapie mascaras (and any other mascara for that matter) make my eyes itch and red and dry, and just plain miserable, while this doesn't! It doesn't ever clump for me, and volumizes your eye-lashes so well, only one layer is necessary so you waste less product for better results!!!

If you want to check it out, go here.

And then most importantly, my last and best secret pleasure (not in a weird way) is my mother. She is so calm and reassuring for me all the time. I love talking to her so I can gab about my latest DIY project, or share my concerns and worries for school, or about getting used to newlywed life. Talking to her also helps me unwind, and more than once has she reminded me when I presented her with my worries, who is really in control of my life and that I should also be doing all I can spiritually as well as academically.

She helps me de-stress, calm down when something has me mad, and helps me see the sense (or most of the time nonsense) in what I am saying. I absolutely love her and miss her a lot now that I'm married, even though we both joked about being glad to be away from each other after such serious wedding planning. I miss her terribly now I'm down here in Utah County, and I hope she comes down more often *hint hint*. I hope to spend more time with her, and doing fun things now that I'm officially out in the world as an adult. Oh and P.S. I am EXTREMELY grateful for her kindness to bring down the couch my parents said we could have. We're very grateful to have someplace besides the kitchen table to sit in our apt. now.

(please ignore the stuff that's already collected on it, we get our new couch cover on the weekend!)

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