Friday, September 24, 2010

.luckiest girl alive.

I have no doubt that I have THE most AMAZING man ever! He is the best husband to me, and even without me telling him I'm stressed and kind of down he just knows! And even better yet, he knows exactly how to make a bad week so so so much better.

This is how I know...

He delivered these to my work, along with my favorite food Pineapple Chicken Curry from Spicy Thai (which I've been craving of late). 

What an absolutely amazing man I have in my life to take care of me. 

He totally had me duped too. I thought he was out in St. Louis driving back hunting gear for general elk season. I was completely not looking forward to spending this weekend alone. I was actually kind of sulking that I got left alone while he went on an adventure. 

But then he wasn't out of the state, he was at my work, with flowers and food. He certainly knows how to make me happy very very quickly. Life is good, this weekend is going to be amazing, and I get to spend some quality time with my hubby. 

I seriously am. the. luckiest. girl. alive.

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