Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Those who can't remember the past are doomed to repeat it." Winston Churchill

For those of you who forgot, today is 9/11. I myself forgot except for some announcements on the radio a couple days ago. It was nine years ago the hijacked planes crashed into the world trade centers, and the pentagon. I'm sure you're all like "yeah, yeah we KNOW". I just wanted to remind you about that day. I personally remember that day vividly. I remember what I was wearing, my physical state when I found out, exactly what people said to me when it happened, the visuals on the TV. I'm sure all
who were at least in elementary school and older remember and know how they were feeling.

I know those memories for me weren't the best, but it has definitely shaped our country and the citizen I want to be. For those that were not old enough to remember what happened that day, they don't know first hand what they would have felt or what happened; but they should be informed and thoughtful about it.

When I was out running errands just a couple days ago I heard two teens discussing 9/11 and what they knew of it. They couldn't have been older then 14 or 15, but they clearly didn't understand and even went so far as to call it a hoax. Yes, I know this could have just been some immature teens speaking out to impress their friends, but maybe it wasn't. It just makes me question if we are doing an appropriate job in informing those who didn't experience it, about the real facts in a personal and private manner. Only if they're old enough and mature enough of course, but it should be done or they're going to form incorrect opinions about 9/11. If we want our country to move forward and change, we need to make sure that we are educating our children and those who follow after us to know where we've been, and what we've endured.

Today also reminds me to be extremely grateful for the service men, in and out of country that currently are or have served. I certainly could not do it, I just don't have the stamina. That makes me even more grateful for those that are sacrificing their time and are providing our country and families their service. I am very grateful that so many of our men are coming home, just so they can be home and with their families. I know the price they pay emotionally and physically is very high, and it makes their sacrifice even more precious.

I am extremely grateful that no disasters such as 9/11 have repeated themselves recently, and hope and pray it will be a very long time until anything like it happens again.

I am also very very extremely grateful for life, {love,} freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. Have a good 9/11 weekend.

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