Thursday, September 16, 2010

{three months of bliss}

Dedicated To Jared (who will look back on this one day and laugh with me about our newlywed phase)     
     It's absolutely crazy to me that we have been married for three months. It certainly does not feel like it! I am so grateful and lucky to have you for my husband. You are not only a support for me, but are quite positively my other half who keeps me with it when I don't quite have it.

Ten of the latest reasons why I love you
#1. I love having you cuddle with me in the morning even though I'm grumpy when I first wake up. It helps me smile later on in the day, when I'm missing you. 

#2. I love that you can go grocery shopping with a list I've made and know what I mean when I say "the red stuff for pasta". 

#3. I absolutely love that you keep me sensible and are my 'Jiminy Cricket' by helping me see that we really need Drano for our bathroom sink, and not flowers for the apartment. 

#4. I love brushing my teeth next to you when we're getting ready for bed. 

#5. And even though I complain, I like being the one to shut off the lights and climb into bed last. 

#6. I love how sometimes you're already asleep when I get home from work because then I get to snuggle up to you before I fall asleep. 

#7. I love that you kiss me goodbye in the morning before you go to school.

#8. And I love even more that you put love notes in my dinner that you bring to work for me. 

#9. I love that you do the dishes for me when I don't have time, or really really really don't want to do the dishes. 

And #10. I love that you will cancel plans with others so we can have a much needed one on one date.

I have loved these past three months with you, and I know I am going to love the rest of forever with you. I'm grateful we're on this journey together, even when we barely see each other between work, school, and homework. Please drive home safe from work, I'll be up waiting.

(our honeymoon, month 1)

(new apt. month 2)


(start of school, month 3)

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